Home Solar

There has never been a better option than to invest in your home by adding your own power plant. Solar has many great benefits and can help you plan for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. Not only can your Arkansas or Missouri home produce sustainable energy but it can also save you money on your monthly utility bill. Take our solar savings qualifying quiz to find out how much you could be saving.

Battery Backup / Generator Installation

We all know how harsh our winters have been and how hot our summers can get. Never worry about pesky outages, or rolling blackouts again with a whole home battery system. Power your home, save money and get the peace of mind you need.

B’Solar Company is also a Licensed Generac Dealer and Installer.  Call us today if you’re interested in Generac products.

Boat Docks

Many new boat docks going in at Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake, or even the Lakes in Bella Vista are required to go solar. We are one of the only solar boat dock installers in all of Northwest Arkansas and travel to Missouri!

Off-grid power for boat docks can power all kinds of items including Boat lifts, Lighting fixtures, Power tools, Tvs, and speakers. We will customize a system to fit the needs of your specific dock. Call us for pricing!

Off Grid & RV Systems

B’Solar Company offers complete battery and solar systems for off-grid cabins and RVs. Installing solar on your rig allows you to travel without a need to worry about where you will plug in. Get ready to explore and adventure wherever you want! Call us for pricing!