Grid tied solar systems are tied to the public utility grid. The solar panels on your roof or ground mount system generate electricity that is transferred back into the grid. The grid then credits your account for the power you generate. This is a process known as net-metering. Grid-tied systems are usually the easiest are less costly as a type of solar system to install. Being tied to the grid means that if they shut down the power, Your system may go down as well.


Planned and dreadfully unplanned outages occur all the time. Nothing is more annoying than being interrupted in the middle of your day when the power goes out!  It is a common misconception, that your home will Tesla Solar Battery Backupstay powered just because you have solar panels installed. The solar system is tied to the grid meaning when you will lose power when the electricity cuts out despite the system.

Installing a solar battery backup is your solar panels peanut butter and jelly! Batteries allow you to have emergency backup power during an outage. During a blackout, batteries kick in to power essential appliances. This is done by selecting “critical loads” that are most important to you such as outlets for charging devices, refrigerator, a few lights, etc.

If you live in an area that suffers from frequent power outages or harsh weather, solar kit battery backups provide peace-of-mind knowing you will stay powered when you need it most. Something to consider!


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